Giving You The Helping Hand

Fully accredited hypnotherapist in Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire.


  • Problems drifting off, staying asleep, suffering from vivid dreams or night terrors, or physical issues such as tense or restless leg syndrome.

  • Ready to quit without gaining weight, whether you are a chronic smoker, social smoker or cannabis smoker.

  • Do you have social anxiety? Suffer from generalised anxiety and panic attacks? Or is it performance anxiety which may include exams, wedding speech, presentations and stage fright? Need more confidence?

  • Whatever you want to tackle Fear of flying, spiders, a visit to the dentist or claustrophobia there are many things we fear and all can be resolved.

  • Help with mindful eating, portion control, help with those urges and food binges and more motivation to exercise, to stay healthy and fit.

There are many other issues that hypnotherapy can help with, if you want to find out more, discuss our treatments or see it if’s right for you?


Welcome to Claire Winchester Hypnotherapy.

I am Claire Winchester and I am a fully qualified and accredited Hypnotherapist based in South Manchester, close to Stockport & Cheshire. The hypnotherapy sessions I run will provide you with a new perspective, giving you the tools to deal with and overcome a wide range of problems.

Put simply, if you have an issue that is causing you long term problems then Hypnotherapy can help either overcome or help you deal with them and let you take control of the issue moving forward.

Seeing a Hypnotherapist can help you overcome issues such as phobias, fear of flying, low self esteem and can be a very cost effective way to help quit smoking and achieve weight loss as well as many other common issues.

My hypnotherapy sessions are run from a home environment in Cheadle Village and I welcome clients from all over the Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire areas.


Modern solutions for modern problems

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    Like meditation and guided relaxation; hypnosis is an effective tool to ease stress and promote wellness, leaving you feeling refreshed, calmer and more positive.

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    Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of reducing the negative effects of IBS and is now recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

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    Hypnosis is one of the most successful ways to quit smoking safely and easily without any cravings.

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    Hypnosis is a natural healing remedy and has no adverse side effects. It helps many clients to gain more control over chronic pain.

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    Cost effective usually only requiring 4 to 6 sessions and changes may last for the rest of your life, you will also learn the skill of self-hypnosis that you can take away with you.

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    Clients can overcome lifelong phobias and learn to take control over fears, once done their confidence will increase tenfolds.

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    When hypnotized, your attention is highly focused making you more likely to listen and respond to changing behaviours and negative thought patterns.

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    It helps with so many issues such as insomnia, anxiety and Panic attacks, Pain relief, removing unwanted habits, Increasing confidence, trying to conceive and many more.

“I had a number of appointments with Claire for some bad habits which she identified were linked to an underlying anxiety problem. Claire was amazing – all the sessions were at my own pace and Claire showed immense skill in her ability to listen and respond helpfully. I am astounded at how well the hypnosis has worked.”


“I had a number of sessions with Claire for managing tinnitus and anxiety. She was really helpful and thorough, with practical advice and very supportive and understanding. She gave me longterm relaxation and anxiety management advice and tools – I went from such a high state of anxiety to a point where I felt happy and confident in just a few sessions really. Very much recommend.”


“I saw Claire, who was very friendly and made it easy to discuss my problems with her in our initial meeting. She certainly understood my issues (far better than I did it seemed!) and explained how we would tackle them and how long she expected it to take. After 5 sessions (as predicted!) I felt so much calmer and better about myself so we ended there. I have already referred a friend of mine to Claire and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again.”