A habit is a pattern of behaviour that is learnt and then repeated subconsciously, good or bad we repeat this behaviour often without thinking about it. In other words, you are not consciously telling yourself to go through the process of doing that thing. We all have bad habits to some degree but when you find they are interfering with your goals or perhaps you feel embarrassed about the habit it’s time to make those changes and take control. Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective treatment to help you do this and to maintain it.

Prior to the hypnotherapy we have the opportunity to discuss the triggers for the habit (e.g. Location, time of day, emotional state, thought, belief), the routine and finally the reward (the reward that drives the habit or craving) and we will do this in the initial consultation. Also we discuss your goals and ideal timescale to reduce or totally remove the unwanted behaviour.

Habits are formed and stored in our subconscious minds so we are often unaware we are doing that thing until it’s too last, then we are left feeling annoyed or disgusted in ourselves which then can lead us to repeating the habit and the urge to want to do that thing again increases because it offers us even if its tiny or brief a sense of comfort, safety or enjoyment. Habits left to their own devices will just continue and be repeated as that’s what your subconscious mind is designed to do. Once we have learnt something we repeat and repeat until that thing is stored and then we work on autopilot. The problem with this is as well as learning good and resourceful skills and habits we also learn bad ones, and these are destructive long term.

Hypnosis works with the subconscious part of our minds where our learnt habits and behaviours are stored so we are able to access this area easily once clients are relaxed. It allows us to become much more mindfully aware of what we are doing and so you can make the healthier choice to not do that thing. Hypnotherapy helps to build our confidence and motivation, reducing those urges and cravings we feel especially when we are bored, stressed or distracted with other things such as driving.

We can create new healthier and more long-term habits in the session, we will discuss the client’s personal goals in the consultation and what they want to achieve, and we work always on the positives.

As we continue to no longer do that thing, such as bite our nails, pick our skin or eat a whole pack of biscuits our confidence increase we begin to see the positives; longer nails, better and softer skin and the numbers of the scales going down, this increases the motivation to no longer do that thing and so we have then succeeded in taking control and that habit becomes a distant memory something we used to do but do no longer.

So often we humans don’t even realize we are stressed because we have become so used to feeling that way. But the more stressed we are, the more likely we are to behave compulsively, in whatever way. The habit is repeated because it’s a distraction from the negative feelings we are experiencing. With less stress in our lives, we actually gain more control, certainly over our own behaviours. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis is a very powerful tool when it comes to helping us to relax and reduce anxiety and stress. Therefore, the calmer and more relaxed you feel the more you are able to control and replace those bad habits with good healthier and more long-lasting ones.

Whatever unwanted habit you want to break whether it’s smoking, nail biting, skin picking or binge eating (the list is endless in terms of habits we help with), get in touch today. With the help of hypnosis, you can feel the benefits after just one session. Some treatments such as smoking cessation can be completed in just one session however everyone is different and so we all make progress at different speeds, the therapy is not one size fits all. Your session will be personalised to you and with one another we will work together to achieve your goals. Even when you are no longer having the sessions you will have the guidance and help as a client with the access to self-hypnosis sound files.