The Majority of the sleep problems are due to the inability of our mind to be able to relax and be in the present moment. In one study conducted, the researchers found that our mental state during bedtime determined the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood the following morning. So those who were stressed during bedtime had high levels of cortisol compared to those with a blissful state of mind prior to sleep. So if you spend your bedtime planning and worrying about the next day, your mind dutifully obliges by staying busy throughout your sleep!

The deepening trance stage of hypnosis represents the mid-way between your alert consciousness and sleep, so you can see just how easy relaxation can smooth the transition from waking to rest.Using a hypnosis induction helps to re-pattern your mental activity so that your mind is calm and peaceful before you go to sleep. When it is time to go to sleep, your body and mind will be at ease and allow you to drift off to sleep.

When you go to bed your mind as well as your body must also learn to relax, to be able to let go of any of any problems or event of the past, present or future.  Consider now what your mind does when you try to go to sleep. Think about the thought that enter your mind when your in bed. Here are the three monologues that may sound familiar to you.The clock watcher – “oh no its one thirty in the morning I’ve been in bed since eleven and I still can’t sleep. What can I do? I’m going to be so tired tomorrow, I won’t be able to do what I have planned. I’ll feel terrible and look drained. Oh no it’s now almost two thirty. Even if I get to sleep now I’ll only be able to sleep four hours and I can’t get by on that.”

If you are a clock watcher give yourself permission to rest whilst awake. Clock watchers tend to work themselves into a highly anxious state over the fact that more and more time is ticking by and your not asleep.  You need to take your focus away from time and stop looking at the clock and allow your body and mind to just rest. Resting is the first stage of sleep. Tell yourself “I’m resting, time is unimportant and as I rest my mind floats, resting puts my body and mind at ease.”

The Doomsayer – “I can’t sleep and I’m completely miserable. Everything is messed up lately anyway. I can’t seem to make anything work out. Not even getting to sleep. Life’s just one negative experience after another. Now insomnia is another punishment I have to endure.”

If you identify more with the doomsayer replace the negative with a positive. You view your not sleeping as another negative experience beyond your control. Instead you need to remind yourself of the positive things that have come your way during the day. Focus your attention away from things that cause you to feel helpless. Say to yourself “ Several good things have happen today. The more I remain positive the more positive things will occur.”

The Fixer – “I have to figure out a way out of this one or I am going to be in deep trouble….what if I try to…I’ll say this to him and this is what he’ll say back… oh, there’s no way out and all I can do is go round in circles…what if i…”

If you see yourself more as a fixer, you need to relate night time to sleep and put away your problems. Whether there real or imaginary remove them from your mind until you are required to deal with them during the natural course of the day. If you’re a fixer repeat to yourself “I will put my issues away at night and deal with them at a better time.”