Hypnotherapy can release your fears and stress of infertility. Having fear, uncertainty, depression, confusion and even anger at your body for not being pregnant can all affect a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Studies show that the stress and anxiety of infertility can affect the ability to get pregnant. I’m sure you have heard all this lots of times before – couples who try can being trying far too hard – so hard in fact that pregnancy never actually takes place. And there are others of course who, after trying to conceive for years upon end – stop trying and either resign themselves to a childless life or decide to adopt – and then just a few months later their first little miracle has been conceived.

In other words, the harder you try the harder it can get.

Stress affects many physical functions in our bodies. The stress of infertility may be creating an imbalance in the hormones. The effect on the hormones can either prevent the egg from being released or prevent the egg from implanting in the uterus.The fear of infertility in itself can create a stressful condition in the body that further prevents pregnancy.

Reducing stress is known to enhance the immune system, restore hormonal balance and create the change needed to have a healthy body that will accept and nurture a pregnancy. When we are anxious those thoughts spiral and create more feelings of fear and worry, it also affects our body; muscular tension can interfere and the body cannot function in its appropriate state.

When we are relaxed the subconscious isn’t responding to any threats or dangers (the fight or flight response) so it’s not releasing adrenaline which means it can respond naturally and focus on what it should be doing automatically.

When your subconscious believes it’s in danger, it shuts down all non-critical processes such as fertility, as its main focus is your survival.

While there is no guarantee that hypnosis will allow you to become pregnant, it is possible to create the most harmonious condition possible The Mind-Body are very interconnected words create thoughts…thoughts create feelings…feelings affect hormones and all body functions. With hypnosis you can break the Stress Cycle and create a Relaxation Response — the mind-body connection that is your powerful tool for success.