• “I had a number of appointments with Claire for some bad habits which she identified were linked to an underlying anxiety problem. Claire was amazing – all the sessions were at my own pace and Claire showed immense skill in her ability to listen and respond helpfully. I am astounded at how well the hypnosis has worked.”


  • “I had a number of sessions with Claire for managing tinnitus and anxiety. She was really helpful and thorough, with practical advice and very supportive and understanding. She gave me longterm relaxation and anxiety management advice and tools – I went from such a high state of anxiety to a point where I felt happy and confident in just a few sessions really. Very much recommend.”


  • “I visited Claire for anxiety and panic issues, and was immediately put at ease by her friendly and sympathetic manner. I had previously been having CBT sessions but found progress slow so thought I’d give hypnotherapy a try. I had five sessions with Claire and not only did I feel a lot less anxious from the very first session, I find I now have a more positive outlook on life and don’t get as easily upset by things as I used to. Claire also provided me with some sound files for relaxation, I still play these if I’ve had a particularly stressful day and they really help. I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire to anyone who wants their life back.”


  • “I visited Claire 2 weeks ago for a smoking cessation hypnotherapy, and I’m pleased to say I haven’t touched one since! Having tried to stop a number of times using all the different methods out there, this is the first time that I’ve felt so positive about it. Yes I’ve had physical cravings but the mental battle has just not been there at all. I was apprehensive about hypnotherapy as didn’t know what to expect but Claire put me at ease and it was just really relaxing. I’m still not sure how it works but it does! It was the same price as other hypnotherapy sessions (a lot of places hike up prices for smoking cessation), and in terms of value for money, it was very reasonable, and worth every penny. The session included follow up sound files and relaxation techniques to work through in your own time but, as yet, I haven’t needed these. Just nice to know they’re there if I do. Highly recommended!”

    Rosanne East

  • “I saw Claire for help with anxiety related to infertility. Claire was friendly, kind and nonjudgemental. After my second session i started to notice a difference in my anxiety level; I generally felt calmer and more positive about things. After my third session Claire was confident i didn’t need any further input from her. I had never tried hypnotherapy before but would highly recommend Claire to anyone who needs help with dealing with anxiety for whatever cause. It really has made a massive difference to how I feel about things, Thanks Claire!”


  • “Having flown for years for business and leisure at least once a month, the idea of flying again was just making me ill. It all started last year when I boarded a plane and was told that the flight will be delayed for 40 mins. Unfortunately it was in summer and it got very hot, I then developed a panic attack with my heart racing and I just could not control my breathing…I just wanted to get off the plane which was not possible. Since then I tried to avoid flying, unfortunately my work needed me to go abroad and the worry and stress always kept me awake the nights before. The Flights were horrible and I hated every minute of it…just a nightmare. So I decided not to fly any longer and this caused so many issues in my life. Meeting Claire on my 1st session was like going to heaven, she straight away put me at ease and explained that this was a common factor and gave me full re assurance that hypnotherapy can help. Her professionalism and understanding of my situation helped me get better just after the 2nd session, I had 4 in total and never felt so much in control of my life again. I still listen to the recording that she sent me and I must admit I will recommend this to anyone out there. I’ve just got back from Spain and had a fabulous flight, so looking forward to go away again. Claire gave me my life back and removed all my anxiety.”

    Fabiola Cuny

  • “Last year I visited Claire for my fear of flying. I had 3 months to be ready/ anxiety free for a holiday I had booked – which was a big ask. My fear of flying is something that I have struggled with for about 15 years and it had got progressively worse as I got older – to the point I was finding myself booking holidays in the UK. Hypnotherapy was a last resort and I am so happy that I gave it a go. I had a session every few weeks and the sessions themselves were brilliant. I found Claire to be very professional and she really understood my feelings of anxiety. I was given techniques to take away with me and practice at home – something that I would highly recommend if you were going to try Hypnotherapy. When my holiday came round I actually enjoyed the flights and was able to relax on a plane for the first time in many years. As soon as I landed, I couldn’t wait to text Claire to tell her! I am going on holiday again in a few weeks (which will involve 6 flights in 2 weeks) and I am really looking forward to travelling anxiety free. Hypnotherapy and Claire specifically, have been a miracle for me.”

    Gemma Beeston

  • “I saw Claire, who was very friendly and made it easy to discuss my problems with her in our initial meeting. She certainly understood my issues (far better than I did it seemed!) and explained how we would tackle them and how long she expected it to take. After 5 sessions (as predicted!) I felt so much calmer and better about myself so we ended there. I have already referred a friend of mine to Claire and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again.”