All standard sessions are 60mins. The first session consists of a consultation followed by a brief introduction into hypnosis. The cost of this session is £70. All follow up sessions are 60 minutes and cost £70 per session.

Smoking cessations are a one off treatment of 90 minutes and cost £150 and include follow up sound files to assist with the therapy session.

The first session is really about getting to know you. Much of the time is spent taking in your personal history and helping you structure a goal to achieve. There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask me any questions or voice any concerns you may have.

I believe that relaxation and the environment are key factors to any therapy, so it’s really important for you to start to feel at ease from this first session.

In the following therapy sessions we will begin by talking over how things have improved since the last session, and then continue working with hypnosis.

At each session there will be a chance for feedback and to assess how well you are progressing towards your goals (most sessions last about an hour). Payments for the session are usually paid for in cash or card payments made at the end of the session on a card reader machine.

I also offer a 15% discount if you…
Pay upfront for a series of sessions
Are in full time education
If you receive tax credits or are on job seekers allowance